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Limit the lenght of text on a button


We have started to look at the new features related to Configurable screens. 

First impression is very positive. This is certanly a huge step forward in customising for specific needs for customers.

We have also tried to see where it might break. There are no limit we can see to number of characters on a button. At least our button is very long. And the button adapts to number of characters. And if a button is outside the width of a column, the collumns collaps, and everything is in only one column.

Could you have option to set a fixed size in buttons. Or drag and drop scaling?

Not taking away the features that exist now, but visually this could be nicer.

Option 2: You can just tell us to stop doing strange things with new features :)

RE: Limit the lenght of text on a button

Hi Filip!
Thank you for your feedback on Pilot Feature: Configurable screens
" Limit the lenght of text on a button" is now registered Bug/Wish ID is: 18226.

Af: Frode Berntsen 17. sep 2021

RE: Limit the lenght of text on a button

I realy shouldn't say anything but at my age, what can possibly happen...

Why should we spend time preventing users to shoot themselves in the foot?
It's a button!

That said, I think it is the responsibility of the GUI to make the best out this, dynamically.
"Grønn wwww....." if there is not enough space and put the rest in a tooltip.



Af: Conrad Weyns 18. sep 2021

RE: Limit the lenght of text on a button

Hi Conrad

Point taken.

I agree that we intentionally tried to recreate strange behaviour and this is really not neccesary. 

Also completely useless to see how many characters the button could have. 

We managed to put in a little over 100000 characters :) At that point the browser started to struggle.

And we got a little laugh out of seeing how we could break the feature.



Af: Filip Witzell 20. sep 2021

RE: Limit the lenght of text on a button

Hi Filip and Conrad

I think this was a good test and I think that the solution Conrad pointed out should have been there in the first place. In the Mobile CRM project we are thinking like this all the time with all our controls since we have so small screens.

As a QA Manager I apprecieate the test done by Filip and with Conrad's solution I hope the CRM Web team will use this case as a discussion topic in one of their Stand Up's :-)




Af: Jan Petter Hagberg 21. sep 2021

RE: Limit the lenght of text on a button

Another thing altogether.
I don't know anything about the Web & Online universe, but presumably these 100.000 chars are stored somewhere..
So in a multi-tennant server universe, this sort of abuse might perhaps start affecting others?
Some reasonable (build-in) limit might seem appropriate?

Af: Conrad Weyns 21. sep 2021

RE: Limit the lenght of text on a button

Hi Jan Petter and Conrad

Preventing users from doing strange things is sometimes needed.

However, in a professional setting this would not be an issue. Since SuperUsers dont want to break the tool they are using.

But how the button dynamically expands to the size of the number of chars used is a valid point.

Using 100000 chars that is stored somewhere is excessive, and was just done to see if there was a limit. 

Of course this should not be possible.

Limiting this as Conrad suggest is a good suggestions.


I used the word we when I wrote the first message.

My good colleague Serkan is my partner in crime here :)

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Af: Filip Witzell 21. sep 2021

RE: Limit the lenght of text on a button

Hi guys,

I love the energy and involvement in this one :) 

We already have the issue registered within our backlog by our skilled team members, unfortunately not prioritized for fixing yet as we considered this to be an issue few users would run into.  Maybe I was wrong :)

Thanks for all feedback Filip, keep it coming, we appreciate it!


Best regards,



Af: Trude Lien Smedbråten 21. sep 2021

RE: Limit the lenght of text on a button


I noticed that the length of the buttons are not adapting to the text length at the moment.

These buttons were previosly the correct size, but now they are large. Has something changed?

I tried deleting and adding them again. They are still the same length.

No trickery from our side this time :)

I see the number of possible characters is reduced, but the button does not change size accordingly.




Af: Filip Witzell 13. okt 2021

RE: Limit the lenght of text on a button

Working as it should now. 

We havent changed anything.

Oh well :)

Af: Filip Witzell 14. okt 2021