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Solve your marketing challenges

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    With Marketing you can deliver the right content to the right person at the right time for both prospects and customers. This helps you to generate leads, sell more to existing customers, and build customer loyalty.

    Marketing Challenge #1: We can't send out newsletters

    Without a mailing system, it’s a lot of work sending out a professional looking mailing. When using normal e-mail clients such as Outlook, Google and others, it’s a lot of work to create and send a mailing that looks professional to a set of contacts in your CRM database.

    With SuperOffice Marketing, you can easily send a mailing to your contacts or even better, a specific subset or segment of your contascts. Using one of 16 professionally designed templates, you will be able to send your next newsletter or campaign without breaking a sweat.

    Tip: Perhaps you can send a weekly update on what´s going on in your company to your employees using this great feature. You can add own employees to a statis selection. Remember you are the role model for your team. You need to define your target group and make the content for your next newsletter, and you are ready to get started with Marketing. Make it short and sweet.

    Marketing Challenge #2: We cannot measure what people are interested in

    We know that it’s hard to get direct feedback from recipients after a mailing. Registering the feedback you do get, can be very time consuming.

    With SuperOffice Marketing (note that at least one of your employees must have this plan to enable lead tracking decribed in this section), you can set up your newsletters and campaigns in such a way that when recipients click on a link in your newsletter, it will automatically update the customer card. SuperOffice will automatically register a follow up, add the contact to a project or update the contact details according to the call to action. Saving you a lot of time and helping your customer get the help they need.

    Tip: Determine what you want to achieve with your mailing and create a list of Call-to-actions (CTA) connected to these. This will determine how you can register the outcome and feedback from the mailing in SuperOffice. To overcome this challenge, you just have to use the different types of links inside your mailings. Do this correctly and SuperOffice will automatically be updated - every time.

    Marketing Challenge #3: Our mailing lists are of poor quality

    Many companies struggle to send the information to the right person simply because they don’t keep their database up to date. It´s really important to update your database after completing a mailing to ensure the success of future mailings.

    The solution to this challenge is two-fold.

    • Firstly, make sure to configure SuperOffice in such a way that it will be easy to select the right target groups for your mailing, using specific categories and contact interests.
    • Secondly, be sure to update your contacts after every mailing to maintain the quality of your database. Your marketing team or person will have to handle all bounced emails. (A bounced e-mail is an e-mail that SuperOffice was not able to deliver, because the e-mail no longer exists or it was written wrong.)

    This way you can always rely on your data when sending out a new mailing.

    Solve your challenges, implement solutions

    Enough about challenges. We suggest you read our final advice for you before you get rolling with your CRM implementation. It is all about kick-starting your users with training and some inspiration.