Learn the essentials of SuperOffice Marketing

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    With SuperOffice Marketing, you can deliver your message to the right person at the right time for both prospects and customers. This will help you to generate leads, sell more to existing customers, and build customer loyalty.

    The marketing process

    Learn how to create a mailing, choose a template, add your content, add your recipients, confirm and send the mailing.

    Does your version of SuperOffice CRM look different from this video? That's because this video shows SuperOffice CRM in version 9. If you have an earlier version of SuperOffice please refer to your Help menu in your application where you will get step-by-step directions relevant to the version you have. 

    Send professional mailings

    With SuperOffice Marketing, it is simple to send newsletters, campaigns, and other informational messages to a large number of customers. Send your mailing with personalized and tailored content based on the subscriber’s interests.

    You can use mailings to send customers event notifications, information about new products, and newsletters. You can create everything from simple mailings to comprehensive marketing campaigns. Campaigns where you can track the links you use and use these links to generate follow-up activities, selections, and update contact details. You can also use opt-in lists to keep potential customers in the loop on your products and offers.

    You can customize your message to each recipient, using template variables. People love reading their own name. With a template variable, you can add the first name to your mailing from every recipient.

    Marketing also deals with what happens after the mailing is sent. You get instant feedback. See who received your mailing, and who opened it. You can also view the click-through rates (CTR) and get an overview of the customers who clicked links in the mailing.

    SuperOffice Marketing will give you valuable information on what your customers and prospects are interested in. Whether they are interested in participating in a specific event, booking a meeting or whether they need specific information on products and services.

    Necessary skills

    Get a basic understanding of how to register basic data such as categories and interests, and how to use selections before you get started with SuperOffice Marketing. You will be able to narrow down your target group. Your recipients will appreciate relevant messages and you'll get better marketing results

    If you want to know how to adjust the settings for Marketing, see the guide Settings and maintenance.

    Learn the essentials of SuperOffice Marketing

    This guide covers the actions you must do to prepare and send a mailing. You will learn:

    • What to think of before you start (preparations)
    • How to create your target group
    • 5 simple steps to send your first mailing
    • Track and monitor your results
    • Generate follow-up activities by using links

    What to think of before you start (preparations)

    Good preparation will save you time when working with your mailing. We will explain how you can create and use templates and you will learn how to set up links.

    What to think of before you start (preparations)

    How to create your target group

    The goal of your mailing will determine your target group. Once you know what you like to achieve with your mailing you will know how to create your target list in SuperOffice.

    How to create your target group

    Create and send your mailing

    Follow five easy steps to be able to send a mailing. We will explain how to register your mailing and how to choose a template. We will teach you how to add your content, images, and links. Adding your target lists to the mailing is, of course, an important part. And we will explain how to send your mailing.

    How to create and send your mailing

    Handle bounced email addresses

    After your mailing has been sent, you can see the results of your mailing. How many people opened your mailing, how many didn't? Did readers click on your links? Which link was most popular? Questions like these will be answered and we will explain exactly how you can track and monitor your mailing results.

    Track and monitor your results

    Generate statistics and activities using links

    By automating the follow up after your mailing has been sent, you will be able to save yourself a lot of manual work and you can streamline the follow-up process.

    Generate follow-up activities by using links