How to update your address list

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    Now that you know what email addresses need to be changed or deleted, you have to go into your SuperOffice database an update your contact details.

    Learn how to update your address list

    When you have made the overview of all the recipients email addresses, that need to be changed, you can click on the action button to create a selection. You can choose to use a selection you have used before, or you can make a new selection.

    bounced emails (screenshot)


    Click on Add to new selection or Add to existing selection. You can now enter the name of the selection you wish to use. Click OK to save.

    Now that we have a selection with all the email addresses that need to be checked and changed. There are two ways to update your database.

    1. Use your selection inside the company module to update the customer card
    2. Export your selection to Excel to update the customer details, then import the Excel-file into SuperOffice