How to export your selection to Excel

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    Here we will explain one of two ways to update your database, to make sure that your data in SuperOffice is correct. Sales, Service and Marketing people need to be able to trust the data you have in your database. Therefore it is so important to update contact information that isn't correct.

    Learn how to export your selection to Excel

    It is also possible to export your selection to an Excel file. You can change any details inside Excel and then import the updated Excel file into SuperOffice.

      1. Click on Selection and find the selection you have just made. Click on the Export button to export the details to Excel.

    export to excel button

    How to open a selection and to export it.

    1. Update your list and save it on your local computer.
    2. When the list is updated and ready for import you can start importing the list to update the customer details. Click here to watch the video: How to import data into SuperOffice. You can also contact the SuperOffice administrator in your company if you prefer to use this method.
    3. By importing your Excel file all the email addresses that you have changed in Excel will be updated automatically.