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How to update email addresses

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    Here we will explain one of two ways to update your database, to make sure that your data in SuperOffice is correct. Sales, Service and Marketing people need to be able to trust the data you have in your database. Therefore it is so important to update contact information that isn't correct.

    Learn how to update the customer card inside the company module

    1. We start by opening the selection we have made, containing all the recipients that need to be changed. Click on Selection and type in the name of your selection to find the selection you have made. Click on the mailing to open it.
    1. Now open a Company card. Click on the Company icon
    2. On the right hand side, next to the general Company card, with the details from the Company that you have opened, you will see the information field. It is likely to display a monthly calendar. Click on the little triangle next to Month.

      this is a customercard in SuperOffice showing all customer detials with a calender on the right hand side


    1. The following menu will appear (see image above). Choose Selection members out of this list to be able to open the selection you made in the Marketing module inside the Company card.
    2. By clicking on the first company/contact name in the selection SuperOffice will open up this customer card. You can now find out why the email bounced and change the details appropriately.
    3. Click on the next company/contact name to open the customer card and change the details and repeat this procedure to update all contact details.