Generate statistics and activities using links

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    Let’s be positive and assume your mailing has been a great success. Over 200 people have responded positively to your message and clicked the link in your mailing. You now have the task ahead of you to process all these responses you got from your recipients. 

    Update your database

    Depending on the goal and the call to action from your mailing, you can now update your database with the information you received. This can be done in a number of ways. Let me give you a few examples, you can:

    • Update the contact’s interests
    • Update a contact’s information field
    • Add your contact to a specific project or selection
    • Add a follow-up activity for a contact
    • Add a request for a contact

    Some of this information can be used to help you segment your database even better (1 and 2), while other information will help you to follow up on the people that have shown their interest in the message of your mailing (3, 4 and 5)

    Use link actions to prevent unnecessary work

    It will take you quite some time to manually update 200 contact cards. So let’s automate this process by using link actions.

    When a recipient clicks on your call-to-action link, SuperOffice automatically adds him or her to a selection or a project. Or you can get SuperOffice to automatically update the information on the contact’s customer card. This will save you a lot of time after the mailing is sent. When the link is clicked, the follow-up actions have already been processed.

    You can use the information you gathered from this mailing in a number of different ways:

    • Make a new target list. Your new target list can be based on the information you received from your contacts. You can use your selection or project to send the people that clicked a follow-up email.
    • When you added a follow-up activity, the person responsible for this activity will personally follow up on your contacts.
    • If a request was generated, your Service team will pick it up and contact you.

    Don’t waste time following up on your contacts after a mailing, use automated link actions to simplify your work!

    How to use links to generate statistics and activities