Content: Add content, images and links

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    Let's assume that you have already created the content for your mailing. Text and images are reviewed and ready for use will make the process of creating and sending your first mailing a lot easier.

    It is now time to add the content you've prepared into the mailing. You can do the following:

    • Edit layout and format
    • Insert and edit columns and paragraphs
    • Edit text and images
    • Move, copy and delete columns and paragraphs

    Edit a paragraph

    Once you have chosen your template, you can change it to your needs. By adding or deleting paragraphs, you can set up your mailing to look the way you want it to look.

    Once you have the desired amount of paragraph’s you can start adding your content text, template variables, links, and images.

    How to edit a paragraph

    Personalize with template variables

    To give your mailing a more personal touch, you can add template variables. A template variable will insert customer-specific information to your mailing. For example, you can start your mailing with the customer’s first name. Or perhaps you want to insert the name of the customer's company.

    You can use a wide range of data available to you from your SuperOffice database. By adding the template variable connected to the field in SuperOffice, you can add the content of this field to your mailing.

    How to use template variables


    When creating a message you might want to add links to lead your readers to various resources, like web pages.

    You can also use links to track people's clicking behavior. Which call-to-action did people click on most? How many people clicked? You can use this information to follow-up on your readers after your mailing by adding the contact to a selection or a project, add follow-up activities to your calendar, or change your contact’s details. The use of tracked links is only available for users with a Marketing license.

    How to set up a link

    How to add a link and track it

    Add your image

    A picture says more than a thousand words. Cliché, we know. But there is a lot of truth in it. By adding images to your content, you can strengthen your message to your readers and make it more appealing.

    How to insert an image

    Make sure to test your mailing

    Before sending your mailing it’s common practice to test your mailing. By sending the mailing to yourself as a test, you make sure your message looks like you intend it to look We will give you a checklist you can use to guarantee the quality of your mailing.

    How to test your mailing

    Mobile device

    SuperOffice will help you to optimize your mailing so it will be easy to read on a mobile phone or tablet.