2. Template: Choose your mailing template

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    The look and feel of your mailing template will influence the chances of success for your mailing. To increase the chances of reaching your goals, it is worth spending some time to create your mailing template.

    A library of online templates to choose from

    To make things easy for you, SuperOffice Marketing comes with many preset marketing templates. So, there is no need to spend countless hours to make your own templates from scratch. Just choose the template you like the best and start adding your content immediately.

    Design your own template

    It is not necessary to choose one of the preset templates. You can also create a completely new message template from scratch using a plain template.

    If you have a mailing template made by a design company, you have the option to add this template to SuperOffice CRM. Contact us if you need assistance with this.

    How to choose a template

    9 choose a template.png

    Choose from one of the many pre-set templates before adding your content.