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    SuperOffice Marketing can be used straight out of the box. There is no customization necessary to get started. However, there are a few things we advise you to think about and prepare before you start.

    When you start with making your target list, set up a corporate template, and create your general links you will save time later on in the process of making a mailing.

    Set up your corporate template

    Your corporate email template is like your business card. Therefore it is important to make sure you have a nice and professional looking email template before you start creating your first mailing. You can show your company brand and style.

    With mailings available, your colleagues can now send out mailings to their contacts as well. By setting up a corporate template you can make sure everybody within your company uses the same template. This way you ensure a unified company look. You can prevent people from creating their own corporate style that is not in line with your brand or marketing strategy.

    How to work with templates

    Create general links

    A general link can be used to track responses from your customers. When your recipient clicks on your link this will cause an action. The click triggers one of the following results and more, such as:

    • opening a new website
    • updating a recipient's profile
    • adding a request to your Customer Service

    We will give you more examples and explain how you can set up the links you wish to use. Especially when the goal of your mailing is not for the recipient to read your email, but to click your call to action, it is good to have an overview of the different links you can use in your mailing.

    How to create tracked links

    Create your target list

    It is important to know what you want to achieve with your mailing. Your goals will determine your target group, as well as the message you want to send.

    Your target list is the list of people you believe will respond best to your message. If you tailor your marketing efforts specifically to that group, you will get a better chance of getting your contacts to respond to your mailing. And you don’t waste your chance with the others.

    SuperOffice offers multiple options to create your target groups. It is possible to use selections, projects, a single contact from inside SuperOffice, or you can import a list.

    How to create your target list

    The message to your audience

    We will help you to create your mailing, set up your template, add links and much more. What we are not able to help you with, is the actual text of your mailing itself. The message to your audience will have to come from you.
    It’s common marketing practices to have your target group and message ready before you create your mailing. This way you know what subject line the mailing should have, what the introduction text is, and what your call to action should be. By making sure you are prepared, you increase your chances of success.

    Laws and regulations

    For a while now, laws and regulations have been implemented in various countries around Europe, with the goal to protect recipients against email spam. The key idea is to ensure that you only send your emails to those contacts who have opted-in or signed up for your newsletters. This goes for all information you mass distribute with your email marketing tool.

    SuperOffice is a tool providing you with the possibility to distribute emails. Please research the local legislation that is in effect within your country, before you start sending emails to your contacts. It is important to handle email subscriptions in the correct way. Some countries have big fines in place when emails are considered to be spam.

    Do not buy email addresses to use for your mailings. And don't copy email addresses from company websites that you do not have a relation with. This is the quickest way to end up on an email blacklist.