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Have your content ready

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    When sending a successful mailing you will spend most of your time writing quality content. You also have to nail the following key subjects:

    • Creating a good subject line to increase the opening rate
    • Writing interesting and valuable content to engage your audience and to get them interested in the message you are sending
    • Define what you want your audience to do next (often described to as a Call-to-action  or CTA )

    When sending a mailing to your target group writing your message is the most important.

    Have your content ready before you start working on your mailing in SuperOffice. Make sure you have written your subject line and text. Gathered all the pictures* you want to use and think about the actions and interests you would like to measure.

    (*Pictures can be resized inside SuperOffice when needed.)

    We are not able to write your content for you. But we do like to help you during your writing process.

    SuperOffice has numerous blogs that will be able to help you. And if you want inspiration on how to write a good article for your newsletter or campaign make sure you have a look on our website. You can find a lot of useful information there.

    On the SuperOffice blog you can also find an article with a list of all the best blogs that can be found on the web. The topics on these lists vary from sales, marketing to customer service. Make sure to check out these great articles. We will post a new overview every month.

    A perfect place to start to get inspiration.

    Next up: Working with templates