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How to work with mailing templates

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    Every time you send out a mailing you want to make a good impression. With a master template, you will make sure all your mailings have the same design and ensure brand consistency.

    You can design a master template for each type of mailing you send, such as a newsletter, campaigns or season’s greetings. SuperOffice has more than 100 standardized email templates that are ready for use. You can start with a standard template and adjust it to fit your company branding.

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    You'll find over 100 templates you can base your mailing on under "Online template library".

    To get you started on your master template, here are some tips for what you should include:

    • Company logo: You can add your company logo at the top of the newsletter and link it to your website. Here is how to add your logo.
    • Link to display the message in a browser: If a person has problems displaying the message in thier email program, they should get a link to display the mailing in a browser. All SuperOffice templates come with a link to open your mailing in a browser.
    • Contact information: Your company's website, contact phone number and social media.
    • Unsubscribe link: Best practice is to add an unsubscribe link and make it hassle-free for recipients to opt out of your mailings. Here's how to add an unsubscribe link
    • Template variables: You can merge in customer data for each recipient to personalize the message. Address your mailing to your recipient using their first or full name for example. Learn how to add template variables here.

    More about template variables

    You can tailor a template for each individual recipient using template variables. Template variables can add the customer's name and company to the text. Personalized message can help to increase open and click-through rates.

    Here is a selection of available template variables:

    • Customer name
    • Customer email
    • Company name
    • Service contact