About application models

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    How an application presents itself inside or outside of SuperOffice, and how customers interact with the application, determine the application model.

    Application models represent how customers will interact with applications, and they are also tightly linked to user contexts.
    Each application falls into one of the following categories:
    • Internal application
    • External application
    • Hybrid application

    Internal application model

    Internal applications have tight integration with user interface components inside SuperOffice CRM Online. Applications that add a navigator button, a menu button, or a web panel commonly follow this model.

    External application model

    External applications are hidden integrations where most or all interaction happens at the partner's website or cloud. This model includes:

    • any application that has no user interface presence inside SuperOffice
    • applications that require the user to navigate to a partner website to use the application or service

    Hybrid application model

    Hybrid applications can, as the name suggests, have some UI components inside SuperOffice CRM Online and can operate or be configured on a partner web portal. The majority of applications are hybrids.