OpenID Connect metadata document

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    OpenID Connect describes a metadata document, which contains most of the information required for an application to do sign-in. This includes information such as the URLs to use and the location of the service’s public signing keys.

     The OpenID Connect metadata document can be found at:


    The environment sub-domain is unique to each application environment:

    Environment specific sub-domains
    Environment Sub-domain
    Development sod
    Stage qaonline
    Production online

    The metadata is a simple JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document.

    Example excerpt

    "issuer": "",
    "authorization_endpoint": "",
    "token_endpoint": "",
    "jwks_uri": "",
    "scopes_supported": [
    "response_modes_supported": [
    "response_types_supported": [
      "code id_token",
      "token id_token",
    "subject_types_supported": [
    "id_token_signing_alg_values_supported": [
    "token_endpoint_auth_methods_supported": [
    "grant_types_supported": [