GDPR for app developers

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    GDPR stuff you need to consider when creating your application.

    SuperOffice CRM Online is ISO certified. You and your customers can rest assured that your CRM system and data are safe and secure in a GDPR world. However, when you extend the solution by developing a new application, it is paramount that you preserve compliance.

    A person has the right to:

    • object
    • be informed
    • access personal data
    • correct information
    • be forgotten
    • data portability
    • restrict processing
    • not be subject to automated decision making

    Track what you are collecting

    We offer you built-in tools to establish a track record of collected data.

    Consent management

    You can register which consents you have for each person in your database, when and how you got the consent and who registered it, as well as to log the legal basis.

    Subscription management 

    You can keep track of the different types of communication someone has agreed to receive from you. These features ensure that you don't send e-marketing communications to people who have not given their permission for you to do so.

    Inform when you are storing info

    Inform your contacts that you store information on them in your CRM solution.

    Automatic email

    Each time you create a new contact, you can set up your SuperOffice CRM to send an automatic email informing the new person about you storing their data. Of course, you can decide on the content of this email and the source that triggers its dispatch. 

    Selections and mailings

     You can create selections and use mailings to inform groups of individuals about your processing their data. You can also create customized automated flows of actions, based on your business needs.

    SuperOffice Forms

    You can create special forms on your website or in your mailings that will not only provide links to your privacy statements but will also automatically update the consents stored inside SuperOffice CRM. 

    Be transparent

    Personal data report 

    This report allows you to offer access to the personal data you have stored on a particular person. Easily created, the report provides an accurate summary relevant only to the person requesting it. To ensure maximum protection, you can decide who in your organization should have access to create and distribute such a report.

    Clean up

    Automate the deletion of contacts

    You can create a CRM script to delete contacts if they satisfy certain criteria that you have defined for when a contact should be removed from your database. The criteria may be a contact’s category coupled with a lack of consents, activities over a given time and so on. Such automatic processes can ensure that there are no obsolete data in your database, which means less work for your CRM team.

    Bulk update

    One of the typical steps in becoming GDPR compliant includes a review of the existing personal data a business can have in its existing SuperOffice CRM system, measured against the new GDPR requirements. Therefore, many businesses will need to update quite a lot of contacts in their database.

    This feature lets businesses change personal details for a large group of contacts, activities, sales, and projects – all in just a few clicks.


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