About our validation process for custom apps

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    We require all custom applications to pass a set of validation tests before they are activated.

    Unlike standard applications, custom applications don't have to go through certification and Watchcom security testing. Instead, we do light-weight testing called validation.

    We run the validation tests in SOD before we deploy your application to a production environment. These tests are free of charge.

    Why do you test my one-off customization?

    The purpose of our validation tests is to ensure that the application can be safely activated in SuperOffice CRM Online.

    What are you checking?

    We install your application and want to see that it runs smoothly and adheres to our requirements. Security and performance are particularly important.

    We are checking logs in Application Insight and our Operation Center.

    I'm ready - what do I do?

    Follow our step-by-step guide, started by sending a validation request form.