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    Read what our published partners say about the security audit.

    “Security was not high on our agenda before we were introduced to Watchcom. We thought we did okay, but the advice and thinking we got from Watchcom has been invaluable for us"
    Søren Hartig, Development Manager CRM, Adwiza

    “We are informed in a timely manner during Expander World 2015 on how Watchcom was going to perform the security check. In preparation for developing our apps, we took this into account. So this information has previously contributed to the fact that our products easily passed the security check. During the certification process, we have received several tips from Watchcom that have ensured that our products for the online and on-premises environment are safer.”
    Bert Klomphaar, Directeur, All-CRM
    “Invaluable feedback! We learned things we’ll use in all future projects. The feedback from Watchcom has made all our projects more secure. ”
    Frode Lillerud, Senior Developer / SuperOffice MVP, Ganske Enkelt AS
    “With the feedback from Watchcom we fine-tuned our internal Q&A procedure before releasing new products. After some very simple changes, we managed to make our current and future product even more secure.”
    Matthijs Wagemakers, In charge of the development control panel, Infobridge Software B.V.
    “Working with Watchcom and SuperOffice in order to certify Visma.net Sync for SuperOffice gave an interesting perspective on security, and some valuable lessons on how to tighten the security of your web application.”
    Ole Melhus, ON IT AS
    "Providing apps working with your customer’s data in the cloud is quite another security story than providing integrations living inside the customer’s own network. Watchcom is looking at your app with the eyes of a critical customer (and SuperOffice) and helps you keeping security as a top priority for delivering a trustworthy app. Watchcom guides you so that your app keeps the security standard of a SuperOffice App. This way Watchcom can save you valuable time doing it right the first time and bring your app to the SO App store market faster."
    Lars Dyre Jespersen, CEO, Siteshop ApS
    “After the audit, we receive a detailed security evaluation from Watchcom. The document contained a description concerning a “security misconfiguration” which was discovered during the audit. As far as I see, all the information we received from Watchcom and the whole process was very professional. Especially that they showed us how someone could exploit the “security misconfiguration”. Thank you for this information! This changed our point of view, we will keep an eye on those things from now on. All over, we have learned a lot and now it is much easier getting the next app up to the store ;-)”
    Uwe Nouvertné, Geschäftsführer / Managing director, SP softwarepartner GmbH