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Get application keys

In this article

    After signing up for a developer account, you need to register your application idea to get your own unique client ID and client secret so you can start coding. 

    Required info:

    • Name of your company
    • Name and email of your technical contact
    • Name of your application
    • Standard or custom application
    • Description of what your application will do and how it will interact with SuperOffice
    • Which SuperOffice endpoints you need access to
    • User context (application user or non-interactive)

    Relevant info:

    • Which kind of authorization flow you plan to use
    • Whether you plan to access any restricted agents
    • Your redirection endpoint
    • Additional integrations and URLs


    1. Submit your application idea (form).
      • You will get a confirmation that we have received your request.
    2. We register your application in SOD and you will receive an email with instructions to get your application keys.
      • This is normally handled within the next business day.
      • We use SendSafely, an end-to-end encryption platform, to send you the client ID, the client secret, and any private encryption keys.
    3. Save the application keys in a secure location. The SendSafely-message will expire!

    Next step: Create an MVC  application at your redirection endpoint and implement your chosen authorization flow.