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Archive Provider - 'Archive Not Found'


We have an archive provider which has started to behave strangly.

Every time you create a document, we get the attached message box popping up. We have 7 instances of the Archive Provider, and we get this messagebox popping up 7 times.

I cannot re-create the issue in my development enviroment and it is only effecting 1 of the several places it is installed. 

Once you have clicked the 'Ok' button the system works as expected and the archive providers appear to be working perfectly.

Could you point me in the right direction for identifying what is causing this?



RE: Archive Provider - 'Archive Not Found'

ehm.. looks like Win to me.. If not then disregard this!
The messagebox makes me suspicious. Any scripts active?

Af: Conrad Weyns 27. sep 2017

Conrad,RE: Archive Provider - 'Archive Not Found'


Yes, Sorry this is Win. We checked and there was a script causing the problem, thank you for the advise!



Af: Rich Hacker 28. sep 2017