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Archive Provider Identification


I have designed an archive provider which I would like to use in several places. Is there any way of identifying from within the Provider code, which specific instance of the provider it is - somthing like the guiName or WindowName?

I want to be able to identify it from within the constructor of the archive, as I want to be able to change the Providers Entities (toolbar checkbox's).

If this is not possible, I realise I can use a restriction to identify the provider, which does work. However, I cannot change or edit the Toolbar Items in either the SetRestriction or GetRows functions. Is there any way of changing the Provider Entities once the constructor has fired?






RE: Archive Provider Identification

I suggest you make wrapper classes for every context you must support.Then use the relevant provider name in your xml configuration file.

That said, an archive provider can be created via the factory given an extra context.
This was needed for a.o. the ERP system where the context cannot be known at compile time.
Win does not support this parameter from the xml configuration files, may be web does.

However, if you think about it, the extra GuiName or WindowName you want to recieve will not only need to be know to your provider code but also used in some config file.
So, essentialy, compile time constants...


Some more I came to remember..
You may want to read this thread:

Also, in Win, you can easily show/hide entities from the xml config file e.g.

      <entity name="response" defaultshowoverride="true" isoptionaloverride="false" />
      <entity name="repeating" defaultshowoverride="false" isoptionaloverride="true" />

Here I target the invitation provider to only show Respnses.
The downside is that I need to know the correct entity keys.

Af: Conrad Weyns 31. mar 2017

RE: Archive Provider Identification

Many Thanks Conrad!


I cannot seem to use the link you provided?

Af: Rich Hacker 31. mar 2017