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Archive Provider not remembering re-sized column (Potential Bug)


I have been testing my archive provider today and I have found some strange behaviour when re-sizing the columns.

When my Provider first runs, and assuming there are no entries in SUPERLISTCOLUMNSIZE for it, it displays the following:


When I then Quit SupoerOffice and check the SUPERLISTCOLUMNSIZE table I can see the entries for my Provider as expected:


Now, when I log back in the columns look eactly as they did before (as expected). If I then re-arrange the columns to look like this:


And Quit Super Office, I can see that the entries for my Provider have changed in the SUPERLISTCOLUMNSIZE Table (see below):


This straight away looks wrong as for some reason the July Column is 3 times as big as the other month columns. And clearly when I go back to my Provider, it looks all wrong:


Is this somthing I could have caused within my code, or is this a known issue?


The columns in my Provider are all defined the same way, here is an example of one of them:

private readonly ArchiveColumnInfo _aprColumn = new ArchiveColumnInfo("AprColumn", "Apr",
"The targets for April.", Constants.DisplayTypes.String, false, true, ColumnHelper.DefaultStringWidth);






RE: Archive Provider not remembering re-sized column (Potential Bug)

You are not doing anything wrong.
All the provider has to play with is the withHint parameter of the meta data.
In all build-in providers, this is designed to look good in Web. Win can override this in SoCrm Archives.config. You can do so in your own custom archive config file.
What you are fighting with is a known issue, particularly when many columns are used. I could give you a long technical explanation but it is not going to help you.
Suffice it to say that our grid control is not smart enough.


Af: Conrad Weyns 25. feb 2017

RE: Archive Provider not remembering re-sized column (Potential Bug)

Many Thanks Conrad!

Af: Rich Hacker 27. feb 2017