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Archive Provider - Wrong Column Behaviour


We have a provider which we use in both Win and Web. In my development enviroment, they are working as we want.

However, when I installed them into our Live SO enviroment, in Windows when a user first loads the provider, the columns I have configured do not show, instead a set of column I have not defined appear by default.

These are: Entity Name, Primary Key, Rights, Style Hint, Link Hint and Parent Records. (I tried to post some images, but it isn't working for some reason)

You can then edit the columns and the ones I have configured are avaliable for selection. I have never seen this behaviour before and wanted to know why this is happening and how to stop it as we really don't want each user to have to manually remove these and add the default ones. 

Please find below the Archive Provider Configuration:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<archive providername="eDocumentFilter" guiname="eDocumentFilterContact" hostname="ContactArchive">

<toolbar countinfo="true" entities="check" liveupdate="true"></toolbar>
<custom storagekey="Proposals" windowname="Proposals" protocol="Proposals" tooltip="Proposals">
<column name="CompletedColumn" default="true" mandatory="false" ignore="false" />
<column name="ActivityTypeColumn" default="true" mandatory="false" ignore="false" />
<column name="ActivityDateColumn" default="true" mandatory="true" ignore="false" />
<column name="ActivityTypeTextColumn" default="true" mandatory="true" ignore="false" />
<column name="ActivitySubjectColumn" default="true" mandatory="false" ignore="false" />
<column name="ActivityCompanyColumn" default="true" mandatory="false" ignore="false" />
<column name="ActivityContactColumn" default="true" mandatory="false" ignore="false" />
<column name="ActivityUserIDColumn" default="true" mandatory="false" ignore="false" />
<column name="ActivityDescColumn" default="false" mandatory="false" ignore="false" />

<restriction name="ContactId" operator="equals" active="true">





RE: Archive Provider - Wrong Column Behaviour

This is default behaviour if the control cannot recognise any of the configured columns.
Since you get this far, the provider context was good.
Win is case sensitive! Are the column names in the config file exactly like they are in the provider's meta data?

Hold down the Ctrl+Shift key when choosing to configure columns in the GUI.
This should give you an extra Tab showing all the meta data the control sees.

If this doesn't help, you may consider letting me have your provider.dll and your config file. I will have a easier look then.



Not important:
No need for mandatory="false" or "ignore=false" if default="true". These are mutally exclusive attributes in Win.

Also, since this is hosted in the Contact archive, the ContactId restriction is implicit.

I would suggest you always add this:

    <view columnspacer="false" debugcolumns="true" columnheader="true" reconfigure="true" fielddataviewer="true" archiveinfo="true"></view>

When you turn on the "Archive developer mode" preference, this will give you usefull utilities.

Af: Conrad Weyns 6. apr 2017

RE: Archive Provider - Wrong Column Behaviour


Once again, many Thanks - It's working for me now!

Af: Rich Hacker 6. apr 2017