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Generating TableInfo/Row for UD Table


I searched for the tool to create TableInfo/Row for UD Table generated in SO 8.4 R06 with DatabaseManagement (DictionaryStep). Found only an old NetServerCodeGenerator.exe from 2012, it can't work with SO DB newer as 8.0.

Is there a trick to generate the code with this old tool or exists a new one? Where I can get it if it exists?

Thank you very much in advance!


cheers, Andrey


RE: Generating TableInfo/Row for UD Table

Hi Andrey,

Are you referring to the DevNet Toolbox? There is a download there (bottom of the page) for many versions up to 8. 5 R11. 

There is one new method in the Row(s) types, so yes, it's probably due for a 9.1 version. I'll get one out when v9.1 onsite is release in mid-August.

Best regards.

Af: Tony Yates 21. jul 2020

RE: Generating TableInfo/Row for UD Table

Thank you Tony, that is exactly what I needed.

Af: Andrey Stupak 21. jul 2020