Remove quote version number in filename

Does anybody know if it's posible to change the behaviour of adding the quote version number to each quote filename.

For example:

If I create a quote document, the end result will be a PDF file with the name "Quote V1.pdf". Each time I edit the qoute the filename automatically changes to "Quote V2.pdf".

We're using a script/button in CRM for attaching the quote to a Edit Ticket Screen in Service, so the file can be send by mail trough service. When the file is attached it uses the filename like Quote V2.pdf and that's not what we want.

See example:

RE: Remove quote version number in filename

Hi Brian,

Unfortunately the logic that determines that name is deep down in the QuoteAgent implementation and isn't overridable by any means.

Please send a request to fix this to 

Best Regards 

Af: Tony Yates 18. jan 2019