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Field rank of Person

Lesli (NL) is using the SuperOffice API.

We try to get the Contactperson with RANK 1 in our selection to send to our ERP-system, but, according to our developer Advisie, there is NO field Rank available for a person. There is only a field rank for Associate available, but this is not the one we are looking for.

Can, please, someone help us with this issue? 

Thanks in advance.

RE: Field rank of Person

Hi Edith,

there's rank on person, take a look here:

Af: Margrethe Romnes 10. okt 2019

RE: Field rank of Person

Observe that rank on person is notoriously hard to keep consistent.
You might want to search for person with "lowest" rank.
We try to make this consistent whenever possible but there is no garantee.


Af: Conrad Weyns 10. okt 2019