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FindAgent - Ignore sentry

Hi there,

I am writing a program that will create new documents based upon existing ones, all works well unless the document is set for visible to a different associate (and most likely group) to the identity that the program is running under.

In this case the Document data does get returned by Id but not all of it, eg Associate is null, Contact, Person, Project, Sale are also all null.

So i decided to use a FindAgent and a DynamicFind to get the Appointment_Id from the Document_Id and from there then get the other Ids from the Appointment table using the returned appointment_id. Unfortunately the Dynamic find also seems to respect the sentry mechansim. 


Is there anyway around this? IE fetch the Associate_Id, Contact_Id etc from a given DocumentId without having to set sentry "Ignore = true" in the config file (which I do not want to do) I also want to use just web service calls and not make netserver or direct SQL calls.


Cheers James

RE: FindAgent - Ignore sentry


You will need to use a system user to authenticate with, system user bypasses all sentry checks.

Af: David Hollegien 5. aug 2021

RE: FindAgent - Ignore sentry

Hi David, 

thanks for that using a system account has solved the problem, I seem to be unable to use the crm7 account though for some reason that I will have to investigate so I added a new one specifically for the task

Af: James Carter 6. aug 2021

RE: FindAgent - Ignore sentry

Hi James,

My best practices is always to use a separate system user for each integration in onsite implementations. That way you don't have dependencies between different solutions, which might be practical for different reasons.

Though, I have noticed that there seems to be a bug (which I think is still active in SO 8.5 R04 onsite) which results in that a system user will keep its access via the API even though it gets disabled in web admin. I noticed it when I wanted to disable a system user  connected to a specific integration temporarily to ensure that it didn't wrote anything to the database while doing some kind of maintenance. I don't know if it is solved in later releases or not, and if so, in which release. But could be wise to keep in mind and maybe also test.


Af: Marcus Svenningsson 2. sep 2021