Open Super Office on specific person from URL link in Power BI

Hi Community,
Not sure if the post belongs here or in another forum - please feel free to point me in the right direction if that's the case:

I am trying to create a link, that will open a specific person record in Super Office based on a Power BI report where you click the desired PersonID. I have got it working, however only if the user clicking the URL is already logged onto Super Office.

Is it possible to construct the URL so that it will include some reference to the current user in Power BI or use some single-signon value?

Right now the URL looks like this:

(I have blocked out our customer number).

Any ideas?

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Hi Henrik,

instead of a direct link you could use SOProtocol
Your link could look like this:

That protocol is matched with the tray app and will login automaticaly for you.
The web tools must be installed and sometimes it takes a few seconds you get the new tab...



Af: Georg Diczig 3. maj 2021

Hi Georg,

Thank you for your suggestion, I really appreciate it!

However the solution won't work for me as I am trying to re-direct a user into Super Office from outside: 

I have a link in a Powerbi report, where I want people to be able to click the link to be redirected to the Super Office web application for more information on that specific PersonID in the report:

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Af: Henrik Povlsen 3. maj 2021

The protocol is build to be used from outside of SuperOffice and it will direct the user through log-in (if needed) and to the page, also selecting sub-pages and seleting archive.

Test it by opening the "run" in Windows and type e.g.: "superoffice:project", now SuperOffice will open with the current project selected, sub-pages will be the last selected sub-page, and archive will be the last selected archive.

Af: Martin Andersen 3. maj 2021

Superoffice protocol is a registered uri protocol and works also from outside. The first time you click a link from BI, the browser will ask you if you want to allow it. 
It should work well from also Power BI.

Af: Georg Diczig 3. maj 2021