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Person event for bulk update

We have registered a webhook to listen for events (created, updated, deleted) on person objects. This works fine, except when a bulk operation is performed on the person objects. At that time no events are triggered and we are thus unaware of the updates/creation of the person objects.

RE: Person event for bulk update

The Bulkupdate engine does not use the service layer but the netserver entities.
By design, rightly or wrongly.




Af: Conrad Weyns 10. okt 2018

RE: Person event for bulk update

Ok, thank you for the clearification.

Best regards,


Af: Martin Dahlstrand 10. okt 2018

RE: Person event for bulk update

Hi Martin,

The reason a bulk update did not send out webhook notifications is that a bulk update is a batch task operation that runs in a different process than the web application.

Bulk update jobs run in the batch task service. The batch task service depends on NetServer, and therefore requires a configuration file. Unfortunately, that configuration file did not contain the webhook configuration settings that allow that instance of NetServer to send out webhook requests. 

We have now remedied this in the SOD environment and it is available for testing in tenants running the latest Patch build. It will be published for general availability to all SOD tenants after April 24th.

For other partners reading this post, if you do not have a SOD tenant on the latest patch build, but would like to, please send your request to upgrade your SOD tenant to run on the latest patch build to

Best regards.

Af: Tony Yates 2. apr 2020