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Product List with 'ingredients listed'


I was wondering if there is a way when creating a product that it could produce or be linked to ther products. The scenario I have is:

A customer may want 20 buckets of Resin (Code PR002) - Thats easy to set up.

However with those 20 buckets of resin they have the option to include

20 buckets of resin (Code PR002-S)

40 bags of Red stone

20 bags of brown stone 

20 bags of sand.


So my question is, If I added code PR002-S, is there a way of listing the ingredients under one prduct name?


I would really appreciate any help anyone can give on this.


RE: Product List with 'ingredients listed'

Sounds like you are describing bundled products, which are not supported by standard functionality. Our partner I-Centrum has developed a solution for this (

Af: Patrik Larsson 16. aug 2021