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Sentry Preference for subtable fields


we try to rebuild a sentry fuunctionality for a customer of us migrating to online.
Some contact fields have to be read only for a contact imported from ERP.

If I try to use Sentry Preference for it,

it functions with department and address (all the address fields are readonly), but not for the phones. 
I can't find a example to set phones and faxes for a contact readonly. What would be a proper preference for it?

Thank you in advance!

RE: Sentry Preference for subtable fields

Hi Andrey,

I'm reminded of this forum post where I looked into and the phone control can not be affected by sentry.

Af: Tony Yates 4. dec 2020

RE: Sentry Preference for subtable fields

Thank you Tony,

this is a pity.

Af: Andrey Stupak 4. dec 2020

RE: Sentry Preference for subtable fields

(This is Win talking!)
Recently, I fixed tfs 59684 (Slow Erp Tab Locks Win Client On Startup) - from July 2018 but better late than never!
So I had to dig into the ERP universe and learn a few things on the way...

Something struck me: Why is the Field-Right queries in Sentry not taking into account the direction of the ERP <-> SO field mapping as pushed by the ERP connector meta data?

Seems to me, that if the field mapping defining a ERP to SO field binding, has only 1 direction (as in this use case ERP -> SO only), then SO should consider that field read-only.

But may be I am missing something here because my knowledge of this system is lacking?

(Also, I have seen the dammage that the abuse of the poor-man's Sentry-Plugin (the preference system) can do when flooding the user preferences cache!)



Af: Conrad Weyns 5. dec 2020

RE: Sentry Preference for subtable fields

Hello Conrad,

in this customer's solution there is no ERP Connector, the import is effected automatically from the files exported from ERP system.

The customer have nearly to 5000 contacts from erp, and 10 fields must be readonly.
If we create 50.000 rows for feld sentry preference, is this a bad style?


Af: Andrey Stupak 7. dec 2020

RE: Sentry Preference for subtable fields

Hi Andrey,
I'd be inclined to say yes. I think you need to talk to an Online expert.
I can recollect a few cases where abuse of the userpreference table hugely degraded the performance of the Win client.
Userpreferences are cached and very much accessed.
This sort of use of the userpreference table is also pushing it towards a more dynamic system. Preferences are not meant to change too often. Then caching needs to be flushed more and more and it has no meaning any longer. My 2 cents obviously. 

Of course when we added a Sentry layer to it (one that allows you to set rights on a Identity level - thus it becomes dynamic), I guess we get what we deserve...




Af: Conrad Weyns 7. dec 2020