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Sentry Preferense: no caches update after 10 minutes


we are testung a customer solution we created for a online customer of us. In this solution sentry preferences are set in a CRMScript WebHooks after updating a project.

We tested it in our SOD and in our online demo tenant.
In our tests we set the preference from user account 1 and check if it has effect on user account 2 opened in the another browser.
After 10 and 30 minutes the sentry preference has no effect on user account 2. Only after flush it functions properly. 

Have we to do something in the CRMScript or system settings or somewhere else to activate the caches refresh after 10 minutes?

Thank you!


RE: Sentry Preferense: no caches update after 10 minutes

Hi Andrey,

No, there is nothing else you can do. There is a 10 minute caching timeout for sentry preferences and cannot [today] be refreshed by any API means.

Best regards.

Af: Tony Yates 24. nov 2020

RE: Sentry Preferense: no caches update after 10 minutes

Hello Tony,

thank you for your responce.

The caches seems to be not refreshed after 10 minutes in our tests. Our sentry preference takes effect first after a flush.
Is this because we tested in SOD and our demo tenant? Is the caches refresh here deactivated?

Our concern is that it may also be the case in the customer tenant and our solution will not work.

Best regards,


Af: Andrey Stupak 24. nov 2020