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Document archives in SO 8

I have created several document archives in the past, which were done in SuperOffice 7. In SuperOffice 8 a lot of things have changed that make it even easier to create. Here's how to do it.
Remember! This only goes for onsite customers. For Online customers you can advise InfoBridge Nebula Panels and works flawlessly.
  1. On the onsite server navigate to the default main document archives folder (Most likely: D:\Program Files\SuperOffice\SuperOffice SM Web\SuperOffice\App_Data\WebClient\Web)
  2. Navigate to the subfolder that contains the level that you want the customer archive to appear. (i.e. Contact = Company)
  3. Make a backup of the file SoContactPanel.config.
  4. Now open the file SoContactPanel.config that contains all the tabs on company level in Notepad++.
  5. Fold all the lines and reopen them as follows:
    1. <panel id="Contact"....
    2. <cards>....
    3. <card id="ContactArchives"....
    4. <views>....
  6. You can now see the line <view id="ContactActivityArchiveView" type="SoView" soprotocol="activityarchive" rendermode="always">, which is the complete section that displays the tab Activities on the company level.
  7. Unfold the entire section and copy/paste it below the original section.
  8. Insert comments on the custom section to identify it at a later time with something like;
    1. <!-- Start custom archive 1 - Michael Beck 03-20-2017-->
    2. ......section.....
    3. <!-- End custom archive 1 - Michael Beck 03-20-2017-->
  9. Now change the following highlighted words in the first custom section:
    2. <view id="ContactActivityArchiveView" type="SoView" soprotocol="activityarchive" rendermode="always">
    3. <captionbinding="resources">[SR_PL_ACTIVITIES]</caption>
    4.           <controlgroups>
    5.             <controlgroup id="mainactivitygroup2" type="SoControlGroup">
    6.               <controls>
    7.                 <control id="ContactActivityArchive" type="SoArchiveControl" width="100%" top="0px" left="0px" height="100%" position="absolute" >
    8. CHANGED
    9. <view id="ContactActivityCustomArchive2View" type="SoView" soprotocol="adctivitycustomarchive2" rendermode="always">
    10. <caption>Images</caption>
    11.           <controlgroups>
    12.             <controlgroup id="mainactivitycustomgroup22" type="SoControlGroup">
    13.               <controls>
    14.                 <control id="ContactActivityCustomArchive2" type="SoArchiveControl" width="100%" top="0px" left="0px" height="100%" position="absolute" >
  10. Now change the following highlighted words in the custom restrictions section:
    2.                 <restrictions>
    3.                       <restriction name="contactId" operator="=" binding="current">contact</restriction>
    4.                     </restrictions>
    5. CHANGED  
    6.                 <restrictions>
    7.                       <restriction name="contactId" operator="=" binding="current">contact</restriction>
    8.                       <restriction name="type" operator="in" binding="none">107</restriction>
    9.                       <restriction name="documentId" operator=">" binding="none">0</restriction>
    10.                     </restrictions>
  11. Save the file and flush the web browser to display the new custom document archive.
  12. The highlighted number 107 is the database ID of that particular document type, which can be obtained from the SuperOffice SQL database table DOCTMPL.
  13. If there are multiple document types to be displayed, just add the ID's like 107,118,132,etc.
I urge you to document the customization in OneDB to make sure it can be reproduced later on in time. These files can/will be overwritten when an upgrade/migration is done.

RE: Document archives in SO 8

Great article! Explains the configuration of CustomArchives so easy!

Thanks a lot!


Af: Ulrich Klein 6. feb 2017

RE: Document archives in SO 8

Nice one Michael !

Af: Henk Schepers 6. feb 2017

RE: Document archives in SO 8


Nice article!

Is there any way to turn off the maillings checkbox on this archive?

if the maillings box is ticked, the documents doesn't show..


Af: Gabriel Wiig 29. jun 2017

RE: Document archives in SO 8

Win dude speaking here: I suggest you change the providername from contactactivity to document. The former is a complex provider where a.o. the addition of the mailings subprovider has kidnapped many of the common column keys, one of which is precisely type

By using the document provider you also get rid of unwanted entity checkboxes. In 8.1 you'll see yet a new one for chat.

I tend to say that for custom archives, it is often best to start with the providers from the find system. In this case, finddocument. This one will not care about the global actvity archive's associates filter. Depending on your p.o.v. this is either good or bad.


Af: Conrad Weyns 29. jun 2017

RE: Document archives in SO 8

NIce article, but.. Is this best practice ?

Should one not create a custom-path and merge files instead ?

Af: Mehmet Canavar 5. sep 2017