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Grant_type invalid response

Hello , 

I am working on the superoffice API (in development environment)  . 

trying to insert the contact in the CRM  . Hopefully from the documentation . I manage to add it through REST API . 

But in amid my Access token gets expired after sometime (i think because of the security concern).

So , when i am trying to call this api with it's respective params . I get this error everytime . 


All the parameters are incorrect just for the reference . 

Can you please help me out to get the valid access token for better working for my app ?

thank you 


RE: Grant_type invalid response

Hi James!

I am able to reproduce your results when I put a space in one of the querystring parameters. However, using your data (which I have access to in the SOD environment), I can successfully get a new access token.

Hope this helps!

Af: Tony Yates 25. sep 2021

RE: Grant_type invalid response

I want to know that in the development environment refresh token is also changing in some interval of time  then how do i get the access token only using client_id and client_secret ? 

Af: James Hussey 27. sep 2021

RE: Grant_type invalid response

HI James,

The refresh_token remains valid until it or the application authorization is revoked.

Best regards.

Af: Tony Yates 27. sep 2021

RE: Grant_type invalid response

Thank you very much for the help . 

One last thing i want to check the person entity if the email of the person exists before saving in the CRM .

Can you please help with the endpoint how do i check this ?

Af: James Hussey 27. sep 2021

RE: Grant_type invalid response

Hi James, 

Use archive providers (data sources) for API Searches. 

See the EmailAddress archive provider.

See the OData Search docs for more information.


GET https://{{env}}{{tenantID}}/api/v1/archive/emailaddress?$entities=contact,person&$select=emailId,personId,contactId
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

Hope this helps.


Af: Tony Yates 28. sep 2021