QuoteEntity and Sentry in Online


Am testing a simple script for a customer case:

#setLanguageLevel 3;

Integer saleId = 110;
NSQuoteAgent quoteAgent;
NSQuoteEntity quoteEntity = quoteAgent.GetQuoteEntityFromSaleId(saleId);

This generates this error: 

If I am using functions found in the SDK, why am I then not allowed to do this?

RE: QuoteEntity and Sentry in Online

Probably because the quote is in a state you can't update. i.e. if the quote has been sent, you cannot change it until you add a new quote version in an editable state.

If you don't have access to the quote connection, or have a quote license (i.e. because you are not a sales or complete user), you will also get an error.

Af: Christian Mogensen 6. okt 2020

RE: QuoteEntity and Sentry in Online


If you do the same action using the GUI (add an order comment to the quote of sale 110) you are allowed to do this? Since you are adding an order comment the quote must first be approved/accepted before you can do this, could be that sentry is blocking it because the quote isn't in the right stage.

Af: David Hollegien 6. okt 2020

RE: QuoteEntity and Sentry in Online

You were right Christian, it was actually set to sold. My bad!

Af: Patrik Larsson 6. okt 2020