Validate CRMTriggers from netserver


We have noticed that when saving data using the saleAgent, it ignores the CRMScript triggers.

For example:
Trigger on BeforeSave.
EventData ed = getEventData();

When we try to save a sale, its blocked, all good.
But, saving through saleAgent works just fine.

Is there any way to incorporate the triggers using netserver since we want to follow the same logic as the regualar application

Pär Pettersson

RE: Validate CRMTriggers from netserver


CRMScript triggers are indeed only activated from the web application, not when using the NetServer API's. When on OnSite you can use NetServer Scripting, In Online your only possibility is to use webhooks

Note: With Webhooks you dont have any 'before' triggers, only a trigger/hook after an action has been performed.

Af: David Hollegien 6. okt 2020