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COM API nocont.doc

I use the COM API to create an EML in SuperOffice, until SuperOffice 7.5 this was also no problem, even with 8.2 it runs some days without problems, but now instead of an XXX. eml in the user directory a nocont. doc is created, which carries the content of the EML mail. I have two questions on this:
1. the interface seems to have changed and the CreateDocument () is not usable anymore?
2. why was it about a week after the conversion and only the nocont. doc was created step by step? These will also be specified by objapp. FullPath, not the EML.

How is the Weh a document in SuperOffice to be created, is only an import via Com possible?

RE: COM API nocont.doc

things have changed since 7.5 - no doubt!
Can you show us your script or at least the relevant parts of it so I can try to reporduce this?



"nocont" comes from generating a filename for a document instance whose contact id = 0.

Af: Conrad Weyns 2. mar 2018

RE: COM API nocont.doc

Thanks to Conrad, that was the deciding tip, the focus on Currentcontact was no longer set, therefore the problem. I program such scripts in AutoIT and use VBS examples as a basis.

Af: Lars Rogge 2. mar 2018