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Get all Project from a person


since the last version of Superoffice we use persons without create contacts. The persons has on the database the contact_id 0.

Now i want to get all projects, where the person is member from and i use the SuperOfficeDB interface.

I found the method person.Contact.GetProjects(), here i get all project from a contact, but i don't foudn the method person.getprojects().

If i try person.Contact.GetProjects() with a person without a contact, i get all project from all persons witchout a conact.

I there an solution to get all project from a person?


many thanks



RE: Get all Project from a person


no, we have not extended the COM API with all bells & wistles when implementing "orphans".
Register a wish or try and use the oleDB provider, db.GetADOConnection etc...


Af: Conrad Weyns 13. aug 2019

RE: Get all Project from a person

Hi Conrad,

thanks a lot for your answer. I try to get the information on another way.

I have one additional question. What is the best way to select, update an insert datasets in superoffice. At the moment i use SuperOffice.COM.SuperOfficeDB in Visual Studio an some little VBScripts?

thanks a lot


Af: Mike Behrendt 15. aug 2019