Is it possible to bypas a dialog?


Using SuperOffice Windows Application 7.5

I am changing do_by and endDate in selected Appointments from VBA in Excel. If there are invities registered on the appointment the following dialog appears in SuperOffice:

Dialog from appointment

One of the problems is that the dialog box does not get on top of the applications but resides in SuperOffice giving the user no clue of why Excel all of a sudden is frozen.

So, I am looking for a way to bypass this dialog programatically by defaulting to "No".

I have tried to see if there are any help in preferences but can not find anything useful there.

Thank you in anticipation for your kind suggestions.




RE: Is it possible to bypas a dialog?

I There is a preference in the E-mail section you might want to try:

Display confirmation dialog before e-mailing

(I havn't checked this!)


Af: Conrad Weyns 25. jan 2017

RE: Is it possible to bypas a dialog?

Hi Conrad,

Thank you for your always quick response!

I tried to remove the check in the mentioned preference option, however, it defaults to "Yes" which is not what I want. 

The reason is that I use Excel to visualize the appointments/tasks in a Gantt-like layout and are able to move appointments/tasks and update them in SuperOffice. This is where the dialog is triggered. Since this is often a puzzle in the planning the same appointment/task can be moved several times and I don't want to spam the participants with e-mails everytime this is done and it is not necessary with an e-mail since everybody has access to the same Excel-tool.

I am looking into FindWindow and Sendkeys to manipulate the open dialog but I think I have run into issues with 64-bit pointers not compatible in VBA (using Office 2010/2013/2016). Sometimes it works somtimes not and that is not good enough.

We are upgrading to SuperOffice 8 in a couple of weeks would that bring any solutions to this issue?

Af: Peter Munk 26. jan 2017

RE: Is it possible to bypas a dialog?

Yes, I traced this now and it looks like one of these trebble-negatives...
The preference key is actually "ForceConfirmation".
This works together with an Associate bit called kAFDontAskThisQuestionAgainEmailInvitationDlg stored in the associate record's userFlags.

This bit can be turned on/off from a View menu item but only if the preference is Off.

However, once the Confirmation dialog is by-passed, e-mail will be send by default.

However, isn't the reason for this because the participants have been tagged with the @ e-mail symbol in the participants dialog list?

I.o.w. you are creating an invitation with participants requiring e-mail notification, but you don't want them to be notified of further changes.

Is this a correct understanding of your use case?

I suggest you register a wish for this use case.
We may be able to get it in the upcoming 8.1...
Else, no, upgrading to 8 will not help you with this.


Af: Conrad Weyns 26. jan 2017

RE: Is it possible to bypas a dialog?

Hi Conrad,

Thank you very much for mentioning the tagging with the @ e-mail symbol!

I focused so much on the code and was not aware of this explanation.

Truth is that we do not normally send e-mail notifications from internal tasks and appointments and somehow the task I was using for testing was tagged with the @ e-mail symbol.

Tusind tak!


Af: Peter Munk 31. jan 2017