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Is win API expected to be much slower from 8.0 to 8.2R06

I have at customer who have some old VB6 compiled programs connecting to SuperOffice win trough our COM API. The program sequential go trough all companies and book meetings and update some fields.

In my log file I can see execution time.
8.0 : 50minutes 
8.2 R06: 4½hour

It is the same database, the same VB6 program and the same environment(same server/servers). Only change is SuperOffice (DB and win client + web+CS) has been upgraded from 8.0 R? to 8.2 R06.


Have there been implementet changes to security model or something else which is expected to have this huge effect on execution time? 

Or any idea what else it could be?

(I tried to execute the program from another PC this takes just as long. I did this test to see if the SO WIN installation on the server had issues)

RE: Is win API expected to be much slower from 8.0 to 8.2R06

Hi Morten,
I'd say no but obviously there must be something fishy going on!
Any chance of sharing the vb code?


Of interest:

- Is the script using the SuperOfficeDB instance or the Application instance?
- If using SuperofficeDB, is it login in many times or only once?

Af: Conrad Weyns 29. jul 2018