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issues setting appointment PrivateToGroup

Hi, i am trying to create a task, using the following script.
The idea is to make it invisible to the current user, but not to users with the membership of this certain admin group (its used for logging).

It seems to work, but when a user, not member of the group its being set on, creates the appointment, we get some odd results. We get an appointment visible in the appointment archive (with text!) but when we open it, the visible for is working, same with the tooltip.

Id expect this appointment to be invisible for not a member of this admin group.

How i create the appointment:

Set soApnt = Database.CreateAppointment
soApnt.Contact = CurrentContact
soApnt.Description = "Something"
soApnt.Duration = 0
soApnt.Completed = True
soApnt.Task = DataBase.GetListItemByName(67, AppType )
soApnt.Associate = Database.GetAssociate(404)
soApnt.Private = 2
soApnt.PrivateToGroup.Id = GetListItem(59, 45)

RE: issues setting appointment PrivateToGroup

I forgot to mention that this script is running under version SuperOffice 7.5 SR2 (windows client).

Af: Norbert van Korlaar 14. feb 2018

RE: issues setting appointment PrivateToGroup

If I understand this correctly, the Dialog is doing ok but not the archive.
In 7.5 this is a netserver based archive. I.o.w. you should observe the same error in the  web client.

7.5 is long time ago. I have no idea if this is fixed in 8.x though.
I think that all you can do is register a support case.


Af: Conrad Weyns 15. feb 2018