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Person SoProtocol

We've noticed that the SuperOffice Contact(Person) dialog doesn’t seem to open via the SetSOProtocol code from a Web Panel since a customer SuperOffice update from 8.2.6617 to 8.2.6689.  
The Javascript construction is (using C#):
 string js = "oSO=window.external;try{oSO.SetSOProtocol('superoffice:person.main?person_id=" + lvwEmployees.SelectedItem.Tag.ToString() + "');}catch(e){try{oSO.Context.Set('superoffice:person.main?person_id=" + lvwEmployees.SelectedItem.Tag.ToString() + "');}catch(e){alert(e);}}";

where lvwEmployees.SelectedItem.Tag.ToString() is the person id as a string.
The soprotocol shortcut is: superoffice:person.main?db_id=1410057465&person_id=184076&edit
Other dialog calls (Task, Apppointment) still work ok using the same javascript, and there are no web panel code changes between the SuperOffice versions.
(Unfortunately I don't have the later SuperOffice version to debug from at present on my PC - that's on the customer's system - but the contact dialog does work ok in the earlier version - 8.2.6617 - I do have)
Kevin Doherty
I've also noticed that the Copy Shortcut menu option in the Person Card tasks brings up the send Privacy Confirmation Email dialog. Should it do this?

RE: Person SoProtocol

Hi Kevin,

are you using the new Personize feature? The one where person is a separate screen? That is a beta-feature in the version you're using. Because the "superoffice:person.main" part of the URL doesn't look like a normal soprotocol. It is normally "superoffice:contact.personarchive?person_id=306".

When it comes to the other part you mention, where the "Copy Shortcut" in the Task menu opens up the consent dialog, then I agree it looks like a bug.

Clicking the top option here brings up the dialog for consent e-mail sending:

Af: Frode Lillerud 14. maj 2018

RE: Person SoProtocol

In 8.2, Person dialog only - there is no personize feature toggle in Win - I believe that person.main is a legal soprotocol  for the person dialog with its main tab. This must be a new bug in 8.2.

The Win team does not any longer work with 8.2 unless it is a Red Alert or Erik Eide says otherwise!

In 8.3, the Person Dialog is gone. It is Person Panel only. There is no personize feature toggle option in the Win code.
Your local Netserver process still has the personize feature toggle option though.
It should always be On for Win 8.3 and be Off for Win 8.2.

We have obviously screwed up the Menu Item keys somehow when adding the item for Send privacy confirmation e-mail.


Af: Conrad Weyns 14. maj 2018