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Problems using SOPROTOCOL

Earlier we used this code to create a new appointment and show the appointment window:

soApp.CurrentAppointment.Person = soApp.CurrentPerson;
soApp.CurrentAppointment.Contact = soApp.CurrentContact;
soApp.Context.CurrentPanel = SOContexts.enCtxAppointment;

But now I discovered that this does not work anymore.

I have tested version 8.2 R04 (8.2.6642) and everything worked as before.

But when I do a upgrade to 8.4 R06 (8.4.6981) or 8.5 R03 (8.5.7121) nothing happends when I execute the code. So it seems to have been some changes somewhere between 8.2.6642 and 8.4.6981.

Is there any changes I am not aware of here? I have tried to look in the technical documentation but could not find anything.

RE: Problems using SOPROTOCOL

I will fix this for 8.5 R10.

In the mean time try this:

soApp.OpenStandardAppointmentDialog 0, vbFalse


Af: Conrad Weyns 8. jan 2020

RE: Problems using SOPROTOCOL

Thank you for the quick response. This workaround is working for us,



Af: Jon Rellsve 8. jan 2020