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Refreshing a Web Panel URL


We have a web panel installed on the 'Dialog for Follow-Ups'. In the URL we are using the following Variables: <usec>, <prid> and <btyp>.

When I update the Appointment 'Project', the URL changes and the web panel re-loads with the new Project Id, however, when I change the Appointment 'Activity Type' it does not change the URL or update the web panel.

How can I force the URL to be updated when I change the Appointment Activcity Type?

I need this functionality to work in both Windows and Web.




RE: Refreshing a Web Panel URL

Hi RIch,
no, we have only ever triggered a refresh on identity changes. We introduced one exception on behalf of the QuoteLine dialog for a kQuoteLineERPProductKey field change.

I expect your use case is similar and might very well be valid for any field change.

I.m.h.o, the fact that you get a refresh when changing the appointment's main entity links is merely a side-effect of the implementation, not realy by design. In this use case, the Project, Contact, Person and Sale id are field changes, not a real underlying Owner Identity change that must require a refresh.

I can see no work-around, sorry!




Af: Conrad Weyns 17. jan 2018