SO85R06: Web Sentry in Windows Client


We are updating our customer from 8.1 to SO 8.5 R06. The customer has a Sentry plugin which was implemented for Win and NetServer.

AFAIK I can (should) use in this SO version the NetServer Sentry ( [SentryPlugin("sale", "SPSuperOfficeSentry.clsSentrySale")]) for Windows Client too.

The Win Client loads the NetServer Sentry, the rights are set properly after running(for "sale" = "R", checked on debugging), BUT it has no effect, I can edit the sale how I like it.

In Web client the same Sentry runs properly, the same sale cannot be edited.

Should I still use in this SO version the Com-Sentry? Is there a new SOSentryPlugin.Interop.dll avaible?

Thank you very much in advance!


RE: SO85R06: Web Sentry in Windows Client

The Win Sentry plugin system has not changed, only the Document plugin has (old COM doc plugin is no more, netserver plugin is used)
It is still COM based and requires the implementation of the ISentryPlugin and ISentryPlugin2 interface:
(GetFieldSecurity, GetProviderDetails, GetRowSecurity, GetTableList, GetFieldRights, GetTableRights, Initialize ...)

That said, one can write a combi sentry plugin i C# in a single file/dll.
The c# class must be COM enabled with [ComVisible(true)]

I would not necessarily recomment it because most probably you will be getting all the data again from the C# universe.
The Sentry plugin is very much called upon - very different to the Document plugin that is only needed when creating and opening a document.

Also, since the Win client is a hybrid and may use netserver, any Win client that has activated a com sentry plugin should also have a running plugin for the netserver part. Typically, BulkUpdate uses the netserver entities throughout. In this case, the Win COM sentry plugin never comes into it. Another example would be Quote.

Remember that these plugin dll must be registered and running on every local Win client.



Af: Conrad Weyns 2. mar 2020

RE: SO85R06: Web Sentry in Windows Client

Maybe you need to register the plug-in in the superoffice.config file, dynamic-load, or use the soloader in SoAdmin.exe and tick off the DLL.

Af: Martin Andersen 2. mar 2020

RE: SO85R06: Web Sentry in Windows Client

Thank you so much, I had to activate both NetServer and Com Sentries for Windows Client.

Now it functions.

Af: Andrey Stupak 2. mar 2020