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Some missing quote template variables


Since the release of the Quote module it has been very little development in for instance template variables.

We miss some variables regarding the line fields that makes it hard to get a quote template which is logical to the customers.

We have Line\UnitListPrice and Line\subTotal, both prices excl. VAT and before discount.

And then we have Line\TotalPrice that is excl. VAT and after discount, but not any Line\UnitPrice after Discount. 

Then we have Line\totalPriceIncVAT but not Line\UnitListPriceIncVat (for B2C offers)

Is it possible to get these variables in some upcoming release? (Soon.....)

RE: Some missing quote template variables

Registered a wish:
tfs 63652 - Missing quote template variables

The least we can do...

Af: Conrad Weyns 19. mar 2019

RE: Some missing quote template variables

Hi Ingar

This has been on my wishlist as well.

However, it is possible to get around it by doing calculations inside Field codes in the Word table.

For instance, to get "Line\UnitListPriceIncVat" you could make a field code like this:

{ = «line/unitListPrice» + «line/vatAmount» }


Bear mind I have not tested the above example and I don't remember specifically what sort of value line/vatAmount gives you. But I have done this before with success.

Af: Espen Steen 21. jun 2019