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SOPROTOCOL - .activate function does not work after update


After updating to SuperOffice version v8.5.7313.1732 (Release85_C-2020.01.09-03) we experience eratic behavior of the SoProtocol in particular the .activate-function.

For example:


should bring the SuperOffice application to the front (as expected when you follow a link) showing the contact with id YYYY.
Instead, nothing happens until you either bring SuperOffice to the front manually or hover the mouse over the SuperOffice application if SuperOffice is visible in the front.

Is this related only to our installation and if it is, how can it be corrected?
In case this is a change in the function of .activate do you have any alternative suggestions?



RE: SOPROTOCOL - .activate function does not work after update

Hi Peter,

I can confirm this.
TFS: 70160

A.f.a.i.k. little or nothing has happened around that code for a long time.
I can think of no work-around.

The way it works:
A "MailslotEvent" is triggered on a seperate thread.
This is then converted into an Idle message via a thread-safe method.
(We can only invoke the protocol dispathcer from the main thread)
But for Idles to work, the event loop must run with PeekMessage.
At this stage it is blocking using GetMessage.

For some reason, unknown to me at this point, we have lost a Win32 API event that causes GetMessage to return.
As soon as you hover the mouse over the app, GetMessage will return and we get an oportunity to switch to PeekMessage for as long as the Idles queue is not empty.

R11 is planned for next week..
I am leaving in a few hours and will be off til friday next week.
So, I think it will have to be for R12.



Af: Conrad Weyns 13. feb 2020

RE: SOPROTOCOL - .activate function does not work after update

Hi Conrad,

Thank you for the information and explanation.

We will wait for the update.


Kind regads,


Af: Peter Munk 13. feb 2020