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SoProtocol and highlight appointment


The customer is running 7.1

We use the following href: superoffice:contact.main.activityarchive.Task?&contact_id=1010&appointment_id=427141

Expected: Go to contact 1010, go to Activity tab, mark appointmnet: 427141

Reality: Go to contact 1010 ,go to activity tab.

How can i force SuperOffice to highlight the appointment at hand?
The customer have about 3000+ activities, making it quite hard find it.

Any suggestions?


Edit: It does get marked using 

So i should be able to juse close the dialog after this call and be done.

Is it possible to close a dialog? 

RE: SoProtocol and highlight appointment


Remove all identities that are implicit. Win can only handle 1 current identity change per incomming soprotocol.
In your case, &contact_id=1010, it will be implicit.

Works for me in my latest 8.1.
I know that our Copy shortcut system will assemble a more complete picture. This is by design. Unfortunately, our soprotocol handler still has some way to go..

A while back I added a script event for OnPreCopySoProcotol( string ).
You could use this one to manipulate the output.


    1: 09:56:49:107  OnPreCopySoProtocol (0)  [VT_BSTR] superoffice:contact.activityarchive?db_id=1010000014&appointment_id=136&contact_id=2
     2: 09:56:56:338  OnPreCopySoProtocol (0)  [VT_BSTR] superoffice:contact.activityarchive.main.minipreview?db_id=1010000014&contact_id=2&appointment_id=136


Af: Conrad Weyns 25. feb 2017

RE: SoProtocol and highlight appointment

Ehm.. Discovered an issue here.
The problem is that this archive can have 3 different entities as main target.
When loading, it does not keep track of the "Last changed current" so you might as well see the current document or mailing become selected..

I will add a tfs issue and see if it is easy to fix for the next 8.1 release.



Fixed in next 8.1 release.
tfs 49738
Win: SoProtocol navigation to current appointment fails if there is a current document or mailing available in same activity archive.

Af: Conrad Weyns 25. feb 2017