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we have a customer that is using the windows-client and previously had some shortcut-buttons on the left that pointed to a web panel. 
They used soprotocol to navigate to the panel, soprotocol:browser.webpanelnamegoeshere, but it gies an errormessage: 

Command: soprotocol:browser.webpanelnamegoeshere 

Is this a bug? It looks like this works on older versions but 'somewhere along the way' has stopped working. 


RE: soprotocol:browser

Can you have them switch to the browser, hit the Copy short-cut button (bottom button panel) and show me the soprotocol url.


I get this with out latest 8.2 (not yet released) environment:

Running from the Run command works for me.


Af: Conrad Weyns 5. feb 2018

RE: soprotocol:browser

Hello conrad

The customer has this: 


It looks to be the same, so I will keep working on this and see if i figure something out :) I will update the thread when i have more information. 

Thank you!

Af: Eivind Johan Fasting 6. feb 2018

RE: soprotocol:browser

I did some digging on this. 
This works on WEB: 

This works on WIN: 

So, we have to create 2 webpanels, 1 for each application (?). 

Not sure how i missed that they set up the panel up with supreoffice.browser in admin. This might be changed 'automatically' to superoffice:browserpanel ?

We can live with this, thank you :)

Af: Eivind Johan Fasting 20. feb 2018