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Task are assigned with random time


this is our problem:

We have tasks that are not assigned to a time. (Start 00:00, End: 01:00). When we drag it from the activities area to the opened day in the calendar it is assigned a time. This is wanted behavior.

When we drag it to a day on the minicard calendar we expect it to stay as a task without a time. Instead a random time is assigned and it becomes an appointment.


We have a task for a call to be done today. The time is set from 00:00 to 01:00. We want to move the task to tomorrow and drag it to tomorrow in the mini card calendar. Suddenly it is planned for 04:00 - 05:00.

We have no clue where this time come from. This is reported as a bug but we need a workaround and would like to ask whether this dragging to the minicard can be recognized with a script.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards,


RE: Task are assigned with random time

I am looking at this with our latest 8.
It is not random!

For a Month calendar, we use the start time of the Diary.
This is also stored in a preference: DiaryView/DiaryStartTime.

For the Week calendar we seem to have hard-coded this to 8.00.

As far as catching this with a Script, turn on the Script Event viewer and observe the messages.

The first thing that happens is a Type change from HasNoStartTime to HasStartTime.
So yes, you could try and control this with scripting.

Perhaps it is easier to change your way of working. Click on the day or week of the calendar and use the day or week diary view to drag the task where you want it.


Af: Conrad Weyns 23. jan 2017

RE: Task are assigned with random time

Hi Conrad,

Thanks. A. Lot! 

The info with with start time of the calendar was missing. Since we don't need it we can pre-set it and avoid the trouble.



Af: Christoph Schenck 24. jan 2017