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Trigger script when document changes


One of our customers would like to have notifications when actual documents change. We have already implemented sending notification-email when user adds new document to system. But they also would like to have notification when user opens document via SuperOffice and makes some changes to document's actual text. Is that possible with scripting?

Of course we could make some program that monitors changes in SO_ARC-folder. But that would be quite awkward.

RE: Trigger script when document changes

Now I found out OnDocumentOpen and OnDocumentEdit. Those might work for this case but it's problematic that they only trigger when user opens document in word/excel/etc. As user only might want to view the file, not always edit.

Af: Mikko Tillikainen 18. jan 2018

RE: Trigger script when document changes

Win has no notion of what happens with a document behind its back.
At best you could perhaps use the DocumentOpen and DocumentEdit message to launch an External app that monitors the file...


Af: Conrad Weyns 18. jan 2018